Thriller bark Arc (Lazy Review)



Thriller Bark Arc (337-381)

(The first part is me after coffee. You don't wanna read that)



                   Back when I was still a huge klutz at watching One Piece, I thought about not watching all the other important parts of the show. This arc (THRILLER BARK) used to be really a forgettable one. The coloring was tiring, the art, which was full of zombies, really didn't leave much impact on me. I didn't want it to drag on. So, I did what a numerous population of impatient teenagers would do--and did something extremely stupid. I SKIPPED. Yes, a very, very dire sin. This was ONE PIECEman! Anyway, I still understood everything even if I did that, but there's always that part of you wondering if you ever missed a single detail, dakara, I rewatched everything. I'm talking about a 4th time rewatch with a 3-month interval. And this was what I found out. 


                                THRILLER BARK WAS LOVELY! I shit you not, if you watch it and 'endure' it, you'll see just why you even continue watching it. Even though Nami was entirely useless in this arc, I finally got to see Usopp fight someone with almost all of his mental capability. He got really smart and a depressing advantage at the Horo Horo No Mi user, Perona. Zoro even got Shuusui from a samurai named Ryuuma, replacing Yubashiri. Sanji got an overwhelming victory and finally settled the issue between he and Absalom. What the issue was? Really, not worth mentioning. Franky showed his SUGOI weapon slash bridge building skills. But what surprised me most was Robin's ability to fly for 5 seconds-now, that-was amazing. And stupid. Lol, Oda. Anyway, OARS! Man, Oars didn't really excite me. I could write for hours but I won't so I'm ebding it here because Lazy Lazy No Mi is kicking in!!!


                                 Wrote this for fun. Slightly motivated.

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