One Piece Chapter 676 Thoughts [LuffyPirateKing] Gstatic

That strange moment when you're living without a heart.


I actually thought that it was a devil's fruit that took Traffy down. Dafuq did he let Caesar have his heart in exchange of Monet's? The only acceptable reason (for me) now is if Ceasar has his crew. Otherwise, what reason would he have for giving away such an important thing to a goat-like asshole?


I really hate to say this, but if it isn't for his crew (including my personal favorite Bepo) that he gave up his own heart, I would cross him out of my favorite One Piece characters.

And to think that I really like his tattoos :(


Slimey or SMily or whatever the fuck the translators call it would create a dekkai mess. It will be, indeed, a weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, it's not following Ceasar the goat's orders. That is by far the only flaw in Caesar's plans. I'm also really curious about how Chopper's holding out alone.


Chapter 676 should give us the reason at once! I demand answers and not weekly breaks, kono yaro-tachi.

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