I am really missing the Arabasta Arc of One Piece. Sure, the pacing seemed to be menacingly slow in that arc, but it still had that NAKAMA feel, then. Unlike now, it really is beginning to bore me :( One Piece is amazing, and I hate myself for getting tired with it.


Now I'm reading the manga, and after three pages, I already am having this urge to YAWN. Like, srsly, 18 pages? NAPAKA SLOW NA TALAGA AS IN NAKAKAUBOS NG ENGLISH ANG PAGIGNG SLOW NITO. LOL.


Anyway, I'm still holding up and rooting for it. It's the best manga this world has to offer.

But until this PUNK HAZARD ARC is done, I won't bother myself very much with the latest updates. Not much has been happening now, either.


Well, thanks for reading. If you've come this far, mind giving this rant a comment?

Thanks ;) ----M

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